Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Still Recovering

When I told friends that I was having foot surgery, they all had the same reaction: 'Oh the PAIN!' When my husband brought me home and lovingly arranged me and my pillows, he also made sure I took the prescribed pills, because of the PAIN! Well, I'll tell you, the worst thing about this ordeal has NOT been the PAIN - it has been trying to get around! Yeah, I've got crutches - new fangled crutches - the stainless steel kind, with the bands for your arms instead of those armpit centered ones. But my 'good' leg gets really tired, and you can't do anything without leaning the crutches up against something to do it, and they always fall, oh, and try going to the bathroom in a small bathroom accompanied by two crutches - good luck! And you certainly can't carry anything on crutches! The other alternative is hopping. I've gotten pretty good at the hopping thing, heck I can even carry a few things (if they have lids, and if I don't have to go too far). The only drawback with the hopping thing is... well, it's the fact that I'm an almost 50 year old woman with an almost 50 year old bladder, which, when shaken, tends to leak. That's when I discovered - Crawling! It's brilliant actually. I can get anywhere, I mean look at babies! I can carry anything because I don't actually need the front two hands for abulatory purposes. I can even carry things AND push other things along in front of me. The only drawback of this method, so far, seems to be the knees. There's not much padding on the old kneecap. But then who says my soft pink padded piggy scuff slippers need to be used solely for feet?

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