Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mexico on a Whim

My son Beez walks into a bar....

...and that's where the cliche ends. He happened to sit down next to guy he didn't know - and in this small town, that is rare. He finds out in the course of the conversation that this guy, Charlie, is preparing to drive with his dog, Beethoven, down to the tip of Mexico for a two week trip during which he will scout out locations for a restaurant. Charlie has done this before, and knows the people and the cultures of the small mexican villages along the way. His only problem, he tells Beez, is that he really needs someone to watch over and take care of his dog so he doesn't have to leave him unattended in the car while he is doing business. This intrigues Bobby, and on a whim, he offers to go along and be the dog nanny, as it were. Charlie not only agrees, but offers to pay him for his services.

A week later, Beez packed a bag, and threw in his camera which he hadn't picked up for three years due to 'photographer's block' along with 17 rolls of film, got into a broken down van with a relative stranger and his slobbering dog, and journeyed to a Mexico that few outsiders get to experience.

What he came back with were 500 pictures out of which 17 became his first photography exhibit at a local art gallery - titled Mexico on a Whim. The exhibit ended yesterday, but it received great reviews and a write up in our local free artsy paper, The High Plains Reader.



Hey - how very Kerouac. Also a tad scary. I kept waiting for some horrible outcome during the course of your story. But I'm glad it turned out to be such a very cool outcome instead. Still - please do not try this at home, right?

Meshugeneh nka Passel said...

THAT is the coolest story I've ever heard!

SO glad you're back to blogging!

Did you know there is no email link on your site?

TX Poppet said...

That is amazing. Giving this story a gold star for coolness.