Sunday, October 07, 2007

Scotland Bound

I just looked back through my post archives and I can't believe that I've never written a post about Auchtermuchty! What is Auchtermuchty - you ask? Click here for the spark that ignited my interest in this tiny Scottish Burgh.

This past year we were excited to learn that Moorhead High School Theatre has been invited for the second time in five years to perform their fall musical at the Fringe Festival in Scotland. I've only been a "theatre parent" for two years, so I'm not fully indoctrinated into the cool theatre parent lingo yet, therefore, not quite sure what this festival is, and even less sure whether or not I want my high school child to attend. What I do know though, is that the Fringe Festival is held in Edinburgh, and Edinburgh is roughly 30 miles from Auchtermuchty!

I post this now because I sense an ensueing drama, separate from what will be performed onstage that will make for interesting future blog posts. Drama, because we theatre parents are currently embroiled in furious fundraising for the cast and crew that will be travelling to Scotland for an 18 day trip in August of 2008. Drama, because I have one child in the production, and one child who is not. Drama, because I also have philosophical problems with the director who cast one of my kids and not the other, and the juiciest drama of all - I have a growing dislike for a couple of the blatant "theatre moms" with whom I must closely work on this project. Stay tuned for some delicious catty-ass bitchery!

Selfishly, I just want to go to Auchtermuchty and wear the fox hat! Maybe I'll book my flight separately, and take an 18 day job at a local hostelrie like the Cycle Tavern . Parking looks easy and, lets face it, they guys are HOT!


susan said...

Hmmm...I'm just waiting for the drama to unfold!

Moorhead High? Is that near the college? I only ask because my husband's favorite aunt went there and I've heard stories. But then again, I think it's gone now?? Hmmm...oh well, don't mind me, I can have an entire conversation all by myself....

Linda said...

Which college? Concordia or MSU (Moorhead State University) - if its your husbands favorite (read Sainted) aunt, then it's probably Concordia, well known for turning out Aunties of the favorite kind. If you've heard stories, then it's more likely MSU, known for turning out Panties of the missing kind... no malice intended towards any alumnus of these two fine establishments... I'm just trying to clarify the question.