Monday, November 19, 2007

Pachelbel - Who Knew?

Because I'm not really smart enough to figure out how to post this video right on my site, I'm going to put in a link because if you haven't seen this guy, you really must! This is such a great example of really intellegent humor! Enjoy Pachelbel's Canon in D - for the first time - all over again!

*EDIT* OK so it turns out that it really is very simple to imbed the video, and I have now done so based on the kindness of Mary Alice of From The Frontlines


Mary Alice said...

That was great. "No way to be cool when your instrument is bigger than you are"

Now do you want to learn to embed video on your blog? Here’s how:

On the right side of the youtube screen where it says “embed” right click on that and hit copy. Next open up your blog and hit create post. Where you would normally type your post, paste what you copied from the youtube embed. Just drop all that garbled malarkey right in there. Do nothing else. Hit publish post. Taa daa!

Mrs. G. said...

Oh this just might get me through the rest of the day. What fun.