Friday, November 02, 2007

A Teacher Appears

As I have mentioned previously, I am very involved in a non profit local youth theatre group.

Recently, the girl who wrote grants for this group decided that now - she wont.

As a result of this, a couple of other board members and I have decided that we will take this on.... 'cause, how hard can it be? Just the filling in of some forms......

ah, no....

Apparently you need training to write grants.

Also, apparently, quite a lot of time is involved in the writing of these grants.

Oh, and somewhere, there are lists of grant giving individuals.

Who knew?

So now three otherwise employed people are currenly searching the Web to find any and everything to do with grant writing and those who give grants ... which by the way if you look, you'll get about 1.5 million hits on Google. Why isn't there someone out there who can help us?!!?

This literally put me over the edge.

I went back to my safe Real Estate world, setting the grant writing notion aside in my mind, and I went on with my day, which involved a YWCA luncheon.

Arriving late, I sat in the only remaining seat at a table of 8. During the meal I chatted with the rest of the people seated there, and over the passing of salad dressing, I heard the girl seated next to me mention what she did for a living.


She was the director of an organization that helped small non-profits learn how to write grants and find grant giving institutions!

I told her my story and we both were speechless for a couple of seconds, realizing the mangnatude of the situation! She gave me her card and I immediately emailed my cohorts.

But how amazing is that!?!


TX Poppet said...

THAT is kismet. Now then, if you need a back up plan, check your local university. Usually they have grad students who write grant proposals under supervision for the experience (and often to complete their requirements). There should not be a fee and she should be able to walk you through the steps so you won't get caught again. Also, DO NOT BUY the book of grant sources! It should be available online at your library. The hard copies are usually out of date two years before they go to print. Professionals use the fee based online resource that you can view for free at the library. Sorry this post is long. Wishing you all the best.

melisa (NaBloPoMo) said...

Funny how things like that work out. Good luck!

susan said...

Obviously it was meant to be.

I'd give you some advice just to be like the poppet, but I'd have to make it all up and somehow I don't think that would help you much... :)

Angie said...

I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason! There have been many situations like this in my life and I always feel grateful when it happens.


Thanks for the note to 'keep going' after bumbling and missing the first day - such a moron!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. G. said...

Serendipity...don't you just love it. It's akin to magic.


Excellent. I was going to suggest that many organizations who do grant writing for a living will assist NFP organizations for free under certain circumstances, but it sounds like you lucked out. You know, of course, that this is going to be your job forever now, right?